Fact Sheet

AKRSP-India currently works with more than 7 lacs households in its programme geographies. There more than 400 development professionals mostly working in field areas. As on December 2022 our progress on major activities is given below

Villages (no.) 3255
Households (no.) 707933
Village Institutions (no.) 37882
Women's Institution (no.) 15999
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture Practices (households) 188507
System of Root Intensification (households) 43108
Conservation Agriculture (households) 7954
Agri Input Supply (households) 201613
Agri Equipment (households) 21851
Farmer Producers Organisations (no.) 35
Soil and Water Conservation (ha.) 56479
Agro ForestryHorticulture (households) 23813
Vegetable Cultivation (households) 64869
Joint Forest Management (no. of villages) 94
Renewable Eneragy
Solar Powered Irrigation Schemes (no.) 268
Alternative Energy Coverage (households) 82715
Livestock Development
Dairy (households) 18806
Poultry (households) 18788
Goat Rearing (households) 88364
PashuSakhis (Paravets) trained (no.) 1237
Veternairy Services provided (households) 165132
Water Management
Canal Irrigation Societies (no.) 209
Lift Irrigation Devices (no.) 1554
Check Dams and Irrigation Tanks (no.) 1548
Well Irrigation (no.) 1584
Farm PondsBori Bandhs (no.) 3674
Water Use Efficiency Devices (ha.) 24536
Skills Development
Number of Youths trained with vocational skills 10500
Number of Youths placed 6800
Number of Youths trained with Digital Skills 100000
Enterprise Development
Number of Youths supported for enterprise 2000
Rural Governance
Panchayats Strengthened (no.) 395
Gram SabhasMahilaSabhas Strengthened (no.) 1889
Citizens Benefitted (no.) 169091
Drinking Water And Sanitation
Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structures (no.) 10728
Drinking Water Supply Schemes (Villagehamlet) 1194
Sanitation Units (households) 122037
Learning Enrichment Programme (no. of schools) 1118
School Children (no.) 148862
School Improvement (no. of schools) 706
Children in Anganwadies and ECDs 28290
AnganwadiesECDs Supported (no.) 690